PPHU KORIMEX is a company created in 2001.
The founder and proprietor of the company is Grzegorz Korn – a graduate from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and the Teeside University in England (MBA).
The enterprise operates in a B2B sector (business to business), realizing investments and repairs in branches such as ceramics industry, glass industry, metallurgic industry, cement industry, limestone industry, etc.

We can carry out our work in every place where there is a need of making fire-proof lining during a production process.

We hire high qualified employees belonging to professions such as:

  • locksmiths,
  • fire-proof brickwork masons,
  • welders,
  • plumbers,
  • electricians,
  • assemblers of control and measurement installation.


During its activity so far, PPHU KORIMEX implemented many significant projects in Poland, Sweden, England, Germany, Italy, and France.

You are welcome to join us!